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The clients, fellow trainers and organisations I've worked with to get results.


  When I first joined the gym in January, I did like so many people, fully intending to stick to my new year's least for a month. I didn't really know what I was doing, and the few trial sessions I had with a few PTs ended in more chatting than training, so when I turned up for my first session with Kevin I was surprised that he didn't ask me questions about my life or work, instead asking me if I'm ready to begin. My next surprise came at what he didn't ask. He didn't go for the "what do you want to work on" line. I don't know what to work on, you're the trainer, you tell me! And tell me he did. 

  Kevin's passion for his work means that he dedicates all his knowledge and effort into getting the best results for every client, he takes pride in every achievement, every personal milestone however small. Training with Kevin isn't a case of "do as you're told" he takes time explaining and educating on not only the training aspect but nutrition, how to interpret the signals your body is sending and what to do about it. 

  I am far from a perfect client, with work often interfering with plans to train, and disappearing for a month or two from time to time. His patient understanding that not everyone takes training as seriously as him, means I know I can come back to training without getting a lecture. And I always come back, because simply put, he's the best out there.

— Mia Montenegro, client for 2 years

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