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Kevin Li

Founder of KLTG

I'm no different to a lot of people who decide to start working with a trainer. I was massively overweight for years in my twenties, until I came to the realisation I couldn't continue with this lifestyle. I had fallen into a lifestyle that made me feel much less than I knew I was capable of. I got into training with a personal trainer friend, and not only lost weight but regained my self-respect and motivation for everyday life. 


This life-changing shift and what it gave me back is what led me to make training my vocation. Throughout my training career, my personal struggles have and continue to, help me better understand and empathise with my clients' struggles on their own journeys. 

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I have seven years experience as a coach and trainer.

UKSCA Olympic Lifting

Learning about the optimum method from coaches who have trained Olympians. Olympic lifting is a form of weight training that builds speed and strength.

UKSCA Speed, Plyometrics & Agility

Focusing on methods to increase explosive and ballistic power; from this speed and agility are enhanced.

UKSCA Programme Periodisation

Learning about utilising the benefits of both short and long-term training programmes to meet goals efficiently. Structuring training over time to increase its effectiveness.

Douglas Heel Level 1 & 2 Muscle Activation 

Learning how to use pressure points to stimulate and reactivate dormant muscle areas that cause imbalances, tension, pain and impaired movement or performance.

Poliquin BioSignature Modulation Level 1 & 2

Techniques for calliper testing body fat storage sites to identify hormonal and toxin imbalances. These imbalances can lead to stubborn body fat storage, poor sleep, low energy and impaired cognitive function.

 Ido Portal Movement X

Seminar re-inducting basic human movement patterns to focus on stripping back to the natural movement that has been lost in today's times. Utilising this to  optimum movement for performance.develop

REPS Level 2 & 3 

This qualifies me as to be an insured personal trainer.​

Member of and insured through the Register of Exercise Professionals

EBA Basketball Coach qualification

First Aid certified

Alex Del Cisne

Senior Personal Trainer and Combat Specialist

Alex is a personal trainer with over 12 years experience in the industry. His goal is to make every client a functional and healthy human-being, in both mind and body. Having worked for 5 years at both Gymbox, Holborn and The CityPoint Club, Moorgate, he has worked both a high-energy, mainstream environment and a more relaxed, private city-gym. At Gymbox he taught Muay Thai and Advanced Boxing classes for a number of years – sparring with Golden Gloves champions and members of the British Boxing Team. Alex has also spent a lot of time researching and studying functional movement and conditioning, especially the likes of Paul Chek and Gary Ward. Alex's goal is to give clients a training regimen and lifestyle approach which is definitely challenging, but also realistic and achievable.

Jason Crowl

Personal Trainer, Movement Specialist and Resident Chef

Jason has over five years experience in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. He's currently in his second year of studying acupuncture so he can continue expanding his skills to help correct clients' bodies on a musculoskeletal level. Before becoming a trainer, Jason worked as a chef in some of London's top restaurants, so he can definitely help with nutritional advice that will taste great, as well as keeping you on track with your fitness goals.

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Jerry Cheng

Personal Trainer 

Starting a career in the fitness industry left Jerry frustrated and with more questions than answers. Having pondered on many things in his three years as a personal trainer, Jerry decided to take a leap of faith by taking a footstep into the world of functional neurology. Currently studying Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (PDTR) by Jose Palomer, he has managed to acquire a whole new outlook when it comes to training. He now has a greater understanding as to why the body does not function the way it should, through a neurological lens instead of a biomechanical one. Putting a lot of faith into something so new stems from Jerry's own experience of injuries and traumas from competitive badminton.

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